Commission Pricing Sheet

Here you can locate references to the different type of commissions that have been done by me! if you find something you like take a look at the order form to start the process of ordering your commission! if you have any questions check out my contact page and reach out.


Flat colored

looking for a simple cartoon styled commission? look no further!

  • $20 - flat colored commissions without a background
  • $35 - flat colored commissions with a background

*$5 for each additional character added


Cell shaded

Lights- Camera- Action! Cell shaded cartoon styled commissions!~

  • $25 - Cell shaded commissions without a background
  • $40 - cell shaded commissions with a background

*$10 For Each Additional Character added


Full detailed shading

Full Stylized art! amazing cartoon styled commission!

  • $60 - Full shading and detailed commission

*$20 for each additional character added


Character reference sheet

Wanting a character you've been thinking about to come to life and have a final design? i can help with that!

$60 - Character reference sheets include:

  • 3 poses to show off the character's design effectively.
  • color bar for other artist to reference in future commissions.

*More complex details and design will cost extra

*$10 For each additional pose

sticker ref.png

Telegram sticker set

Do you use an application on mobile, desktop, and laptop devices called telegram? do you like using and seeing custom telegram sticker sets? I Do those too!

  • $50 - 5 Telegram stickers
  • $100 - 10 Telegram stickers

Badge artwork

Need a badge for an upcoming convention? need it for a specific themed event? just want one because you have money? give that money to me!

Badge artwork prices can range between $20 to $45 per badge.